Today is September 12, 2014

Life-Self Balance

The woman behind the mom went missing…along with the coupons, the bills and that one sock.

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Have You Peed Today?

Have You Peed Today?This is what it has come to. We are actually too busy to pee.

I have experienced the ridiculousness of this phenomenon myself, practically running to the Ladies’ Room at work and even at home in mortal fear of losing bladder control along the way.

You know the deal. 

A reality show recently profiled a woman who worked out of a truck. She took a pickle jar along for the ride so she could relieve herself over the course of the day. There were places, like truck stops, where she could take a break and “go”, but pickle jars apparently are far more efficient.

I believe that we are just the tip of the iceberg. The people at Charmin cannot be very happy about this.

If peeing, or the lack thereof, were the extent of what we are doing to ourselves, I would think that it would be enough of a sign of the times to stop and take notice; but, of course, there’s more.

We don’t eat, but not because we aren’t hungry. We don’t allow ourselves the time for breakfast, lunch and/or dinner, depending on the day. 

We are running out of the house without eating in the morning; maybe getting a donut or a cup of coffee along the way. Lunch can be schedule-driven and dinner is whatever we have the energy to pull together.

Even so, as a nation, we are fat. We are fat because we don’t move around or eat. When we don’t eat, our bodies hold onto our fat stores so we don’t shrivel up to nothing and die.

We don’t move around or exercise. We say that we don’t have the time for this, either. It’s too hard, it’s boring, it’s expensive, yada, yada, yada.

So we have turned into a bunch of fat, slow, hungry people who have to pee but just don’t have the time for any of it.

Guess what?

It’s not about the pee or the food or the moving around.

It is about the stress and our priorities that are keeping us from pee’ing and eating and moving around.

It’s about the level of stress to which we have driven ourselves such that we have prioritized what we do to the exclusion of our basic needs. We do not take a potty break or have lunch when we should, preferably not at the same time, of course.

How many times have you felt the urge, knew you would be more comfortable after taking what would amount to a three-minute break, but stayed at your computer or ran to your next meeting or just went to pick up the kids, anyway? This, above all, is the one thing that you can do for yourself that brings everything down to the basics. 

When you’ve gotta go — GO! Allow nothing to get in your way, not even yourself. Recognize what your body is asking from you. It’s asking for relief. It’s saying it can’t take anymore. Ultimately, it will turn on you and there will be a point where there is no choice and, potentially, no bathroom. 

Shoulda, coulda, woulda …gone when you had the chance. 

You know the basics. Maslow’s Hierarchy.  Physiological — Air, Water, Food, Shelter, Sleep, Sex. 

I actually had a small banner on my desk for a time that said, “Breathe.”  Seriously, I would need to be reminded to take a breath, especially when I was stressed. 

How could I give my best to others when I wasn’t giving it to myself? 

The truth is that we will all continue to have moments and days when crazy takes over and you won’t be #1 on your list, but at least get yourself ON the list. Give yourself the gift of doing what comes naturally. And do it in a timely fashion.

Lessons will continue to present themselves until they are learned. 

What other lessons are being ignored?  What other needs can be met in little time, but will make a huge difference in the quality of your day, your life and those of the people around you?

When we travel by air, for those who listen to the orientation given by the flight attendants, we hear time after time that if you are traveling with a small child and the oxygen masks deploy, put yours on first. There’s a reason for this.  You can’t save your child if you can’t breathe. 

In the airplane scenario, you would put your mask on first without any feelings of guilt or hesitation. Bring that same logic of self-care into your daily life and think about the difference you can make.

You can have you’re (protein) shake and pee it, too.

Robin Goldwater and Audre Vysniauskas are co-founders of and Robin and Audre are on a solution-based mission to help working women lead stress-free lives by simplifying and de-cluttering everything from living space to relationships.