Today is September 14, 2014

Welcome to Better Way Moms!

We're here to provide honesty and humor about the true trials and emotions of being a mom. Nothing here is shunned, nothing is taboo, and all of it is true.

There has to be a Better Way, and we're here to find it.

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Our Welcome Letter:

Here we are, kids in tow, running around and dashing home. Then playing catch up on, well, everything. 

Is this really how this mom thing works? Is this what millions of women are doing everyday? For years?

We’ve always been great multi-taskers. Give it to us and we’ll find a way to do it. It’s a handy talent, sure, but now manic multi-tasking is all we do, all the time. And there’s no deadline in sight. No “after the holidays are over” lull. This daily craziness is it. Day in, day out. Weekends. Holidays.

So, we said to ourselves (and we’re shocked we answered, as we haven’t paid attention to ourselves in ages): “There has to be a Better Way.” 

We can deal with busy, but we’re done being crazy.

Join us in discovering the Better Way!