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Julie Falatko

Hi! I’m Julie!

I live in Maine with my husband, Dave, and our three kids: Henry (born 2003), Eli (2006) and Zuzu (2008). I’m in library school and should graduate in December of 2009, after doing the one-class-at-a-time, taking-time-off-for-frequent-pregnancies plan for five years.

I’ve had this website since 2002, though the blog format is new as of September 2008. Well, it was sort of bloggish before, but not with formal blog software, so there weren’t any comments or anything. Feel free to lose yourself for hours in the old site.

My children are wonderful, hilarious, terrifying little creatures. It is still mind-boggling that we have one kid, let alone three. I am an only child and a little perplexed by having all these people in my house.

I haven’t slept since June of 2003, approximately.

I have too many crafty hobbies that I don’t get a chance to do anymore.

I haven’t had any caffeinated beverage since December of 2002, and I’m much nicer for it, though I’m a bit of a zombie (see: the bit about not sleeping). I do drink decaf coffee because I like the ritual and taste, and I eat a lot of chocolate to make it through the day.

I dream of a full day, or three, all alone. At the same time, I know I’d probably spend the whole time wandering in circles wondering what to do with myself.

In 2007 I got fed up with all the clutter in our house, and I made a resolution to get rid of 365 things in 365 days. I did it, and it made a big difference with my ability to constantly keep things moving out of the house, though it’s amazing to me how much stuff we still have that we don’t use. You can read most of the journal I kept that year on this site too.

Now, go read a book or something! Stop spending all your time at the computer!

You can view Julie’s blog here: World of Julie

Julie’s Articles:
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