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Why “Work” is Important

We are all here to do something, and when we aren’t doing it, we lose out and those around us lose out too. We talk a lot on this site about life-self balance, about the woman behind the mother disappearing and about the importance of taking care of ourselves. Working, no matter what that looks like, is a very important piece of womanhood, of our sense of self and of our own peace of mind.

Have you ever had those moments when you are working on a project, any project, and the time just disappears? You’re having a wonderful time, you can be at it for hours and suddenly you look up and realize it’s 3:00 in the morning or you haven’t eaten in five hours? That’s the kind of “work” we’re talking about. It’s about finding your passion, and making it your “work.”

We felt this section was important to have on the site, as so many women use this topic as a weapon against moms who are perceived to be on the “other side” of the “argument”. Well, we think there’s a Better Way (ha ha, we had to say it!).  We think that the diversity of working moms is important for all of us. And when we’re working on our passion, and we discover that this passion can make us money too, we are subconsciously giving all the other moms out there permission to do the same. So there is no “side” to this from our perspective, there is only support and excitement for all of us to work towards “work” that makes us happy.