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12 Outdoor Family Snow Activities

Fresh snow and chilly days make winter the perfect time to get the whole family together. Because snow is only around for a few months, now is the perfect time to enjoy twelve kid-friendly snow activities.

1. Skiing
Whether downhill or cross-country skiing, this activity is perfect for a family outing. Most resorts have small bunny slopes for beginners with plenty of advanced slopes for experienced riders. Kids can start skiing as early as 4 or 5, and most resorts offer lessons for children and new beginners.

2. Snowboarding
While you are out on the slopes, your family can try snowboarding. Most snow resorts provide runs for both skiers and boarders so families can enjoy these similar activities together. Find the right snowboard types to fit the boarders in your family.

3. Sledding
Hiking to the top of a tall hill is a small price to pay for the excitement of gliding through fresh powdery snow. Sledding is a favorite past time for all ages. Whether it’s on a sled, toboggan, or saucer, finding the perfect hill and smoothing your very own run will entertain your entire family all day.

4. Tubing
A wintertime snow activity similar to sledding, tubing can reach considerable speed caused by the friction between the inner tube and the snow. Because tubes do not have the same controls sleds do, most tubing is generally done at a resort on a special run designated for tubes. Although it can also work when attached to the back of a snow mobile to ensure complete control.

5. Snowball Fights
When bundled up and prepared for wet snow, a snowball fight can be the perfect competition. Whether it is a free-for-all fight, girls versus boys, or parents versus kids, this is a great activity to cure any cabin fever.

6. Catching Snowflakes
During snowfall, one of the greatest and probably simplest activities is trying to catch a snowflake on your tongue. Not only does it remind everyone to enjoy the small things in life, but it is also a practice in patience because it is not as easy as it looks. Head back, eyes closed, and tongue out, this can become a family tradition for every yearly snowfall.

7. Building Snowmen
An easy task that provides endless fun, building a snowman is a terrific and artistic activity. Unless the sun is out to melt Frosty, he can last in the yard for a few days. Building a snowman can be a joint effort for all family members for a day of wonderful togetherness.

8. Build an Igloo
After you’ve sculpted your snowman, consider building an igloo or ice fort. With stiff snow these arctic domes can last a while and be a fun hideaway for kids. Make it a family activity and drink hot cocoa inside later to celebrate it being finished.

9. Snow Angels
Playing in the snow is so much fun, and with soft snow, making snow angels is a breeze. To add more interest, use food coloring to draw a face and bring out some clothes to dress it up with.

10. Ice Skating
A favorite winter hobby, ice skating is simply something fun to do. A slippery activity, it can be done with figure skates or hockey skates and can lead to other exciting sports like:

  • speed skating
  • hockey
  • figure skating

11. Ice Fishing
If the ice has hardened and is safe, many children will love fishing in the snow. While warm weather fishing requires a boat or standing on shore, this is exciting because the fishing actually happens in the middle of the frozen lake. Many children love being able to stand in an otherwise unreachable area and watch the fish swim in the frigid water below.

12. Snowshoeing
Hiking in the snow can prove just as much fun as hiking during warmer months. Sometimes, with too great of a snowfall, regular hiking boots or snow boots still cannot provide solid enough traction in deep, slippery snow. Snowshoes look like tennis rackets and are sold at most outdoor recreational retailers. For more intensive hikes, snowshoes come with poles to add stability.

This winter, take advantage of those fresh flurries and make some snow memories!

Jessica Socheski loves finding fun family activities. She is also a writer and editor at The Teaching Box and you can find her on Twitter.

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