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Birthday Fortunes in a Jar

Birthday FortunesTiffany Bird made her daughter a fortune cookie jar full of birthday fortunes, or wishes, from her loved ones. The fortunes are to be kept unopened until a later moment in time, like a child’s 16th birthday party. Similar to the concept of a time capsule. Tiffany chose fortune cookies because her birthday party was based on a Chinese theme.

The intention is to set up a table where guests can write birthday fortunes to the birthday girl as they enter the party. If that doesn’t work for you, you can hit Plan B and have everyone email their fortunes for the special day.


    1. cardstock paper
    2. glue
    3. something circular as a template (3″ diameter)
    4. scissors
    5. rubber band (optional)
    6. jar

1. Gather your paper. Use something circular and at least 3″ in diameter (depending on how big you want your cookies to turn out) to trace circles on the back of your paper. Something like a coaster works really well.

2. Cut out the circles and the fortunes. Print the fortunes then cut them into strips.

3. Make a crease at the center of your circle about 1 1/2″ with the wrong side out (the paper patterns are on the inside touching each other when you fold to make the crease). Don’t fold the entire circle in half, just make a crease at the center.

4. With the crease pointing at you vertically, put glue at the edge of the circle going only about 1/3 of the circle. Make sure your crease is at the center point of where your gluing.

5. Place your fortune paper, folded, in the middle of the circle.

6. Fold circle in half touching the no-glue side to the side with glue. But don’t press down at the fold. Use laundry pins to hold the sides down.

7. This is where the crease comes in handy. Puff up your paper by pushing down on the crease and it should bend in the middle at the crease line. And it will open the holes at the two corners (see second picture below). Continuing to bend the crease until the paper takes shape of a fortune cookie.

8. If your cookie doesn’t hold it shape, put a little bit of glue at the middle of the crease line then use a rubber band to hold the cookie at the bend together. Allow for the glue to dry then remove rubber band.

9. Put it all in a jar then you can label or decorate the jar.

These birthday fortunes are brought to you by the amazing Tiffany Bird, founder of Simply Modern Mom.

You’ll definitely want to stop by and see her site! Thanks Tiffany!

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