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Getting It Where I Can

There ain’t no love life like that of a single mom. And I mean that literally. No love life. It’s extremely frustrating but also not the worse thing in the world. I figure that at this juncture in life I have been through quite a lot. And if it so happens that my next romantic encounter is a few months down the road (keep your fingers crossed for me, friends), I can deal with that. Is it going to do me any good to bemoan the fact that I would love someone special in my life? Certainly not. (Although with a glass of pinot grigio in me, I will do precisely that.) It’s better to look at the big picture — what the universe has given me. I am grateful for so much — a supportive family, incredible friends and, oh yes, the boy. He’s a charmer, this kid is. Why should I go to bars and have guys throw one-liners on me when E can top the best of them? He told me that Taylor Swift was his favorite famous person and I guess he didn’t want to hurt my feelings because he quickly added, “But you know, you’re famous in my heart.” I think my cheeks might have actually pinked up with that one. Who says things like that? Woe to the fourteen-year old girls in 2016, that’s all I have to say.  Here is a conversation that happened a few months ago that I have to share. It’s one for the books. We were packing to go to Pennsylvania to visit friends for the weekend, and I was finishing getting ready. (Just to set the scene….) E: Are you going to put makeup on? Me: Yes. E: Why? You don’t need it. You’re pretty without it. Me: Oh, that’s so sweet. Thanks, baby. E: You look good with no clothes on. Me: Ummm…thanks. E: You’d look good naked and bald. Me: (Just standing there trying not to pee my pants.) If a guy at a bar said that to me, I would think he was a freak and walk away. But it was funny, sweet, and quite sincere coming from my boy. I have no idea where he comes up with the things that he says, but they are pretty damn awesome. So while my love life resides on the back burner, I’ll take my compliments from the...

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