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Being Consistent with Work – During Summer?

So here’s how my summer days start:

Me to self: “Today’s going to be great! I’ll write a blog post, clean the kitchen, have that call with my client, get that Power Point done and have a snack ready for the kids after camp!”

By 9:30, I’m cleaning my office, that blog post only has a title, I have to stop cleaning to prepare for my call and the Power Point is only half baked.

Pretty soon it’s noon, and I have no idea what happened, but I’d like to go shopping and get some fun summer activities scheduled for my kids. By then I’ve decided I’m going to pick up the kids early, play at the pool and then go for a picnic.

Well this is no recipe for business success! What the….

I have a little story I tell myself about this time of year. It was during summer when my kids were 4 and 1, that I knew I had to quite working inside “the system”.

Well, that’s what I call it. Working inside a corporation can definitely feel like that.

Spending my precious summer days inside a freezing office (seriously, you could hang meat in there), while my kids were at the pool, running through the sprinklers and at craft lessons, just didn’t work for me.

Maybe it was my own memories of my mother that made me miss my kids so much during these months. Or I guess it could have been my own selfish needs, I’m not sure. But whatever it was, the summer months woke me up and made me realize it was time to find my own Better Way to manage my work life and motherhood.

What in the world does this have to do with consistency?

Well, I find it very difficult to concentrate in the summer months. I want to be with my kids. I want to teach them how to swim. I want to bake cherry pies. I want to sit in the sun and read, or pop popcorn and watch old movies.

Now that I own my own company, and what follows is that I am completely in charge of my time, I should just check out and be with my kids, right? Well, yes, actually. I think that’s a great idea.

Will I miss a few opportunities with new clients? Perhaps.

Will I make a little less money over the summer than I do in the Spring and Fall? Maybe.

Will I miss another summer with my kids? Never.

So, you may notice that my posts are a little bit fewer and further between. I will notice it too. *Smile*

And it might make me nervous or have me feel that I’m “missing out” (I have major FOMO.) But I’ll be able to manage it. I don’t get these years back, and I never want to look back on them with regret.

For those of us who work really hard (and you know who you are…you crazy people like me), we know the work will get done. It just will. So this summer I’m going to practice trusting myself, knowing that the work will always be there and I will get it done. I may not get it done at the speed I do at other times of the year, but I will get it done. I always do and I always have.

Structures are put in place to support this business while I play with my kids at the pool, and I’ll learn to trust that.

Because if I’m going to urge others to find their Better Way, I need to walk the talk and enjoy the Better Way I found for myself.

Last one to the sprinkler is a rotten egg!!

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