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Ilona Siller

Ilona Siller

Ilona Siller started writing her top 10 lists while pregnant. She is a part of where all her lists reside.

Her bio in her own words: “I started writing my top 10 lists when I was pregnant with my daughter. I am part of website and I published my lists there. They got a lot of responses from other moms and I was sad to realize that my feelings and notes to my daughter were just disappearing in the sea of message boards…so I started a blog. I am writing from my heart and as honest as I can. Some of the things I write, I wish someone told me when I was pregnant. I hope it gives new moms some kind of support, a feeling of being understood and an occasional smile. Thank you for reading.

In addition, I work as an art buyer for an advertising company. I am from St.Petersburg, Russia (that’s where my dry sarcasm comes from), but live in New York with my husband Lane, 1 year old Amelie, a dog and a rat. (yes… a rat).”

You can view her blog here:


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