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Interview with Simply Modern Mom (Cont.)

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A: Getting to know my readers. I love their comments, emails and links to their blogs. I personally think I have the best readers in the blogosphere.

The support of the other bloggers. I have ‘met’ (not in person yet) some great bloggers who have become my friends. We bounce ideas back and forth, help and encourage each other along the way.

Q: What would you warn people not to do based on what you’ve learned through starting your website?

A: Don’t do it to make money. It doesn’t work that way. Don’t do what everyone else is doing. Do what you are passionate about. Don’t allow others to tell you what is trendy. Create your own trends. Don’t agree with everyone else. Have an opinion. Readers want to know what is something different you can bring in their lives. If they want what everyone else is doing, they’ll follow the other bloggers.

Q: What would you tell people they should make sure they do based on what you’ve learned through starting your website?

A: Set your standards, integrity and style for your website. You will have people offer you things and opportunities that will seem fabulous. But you need to evaluate how it fits with the style of the site. Having been a journalist, I believe strongly in the journalistic integrity in all the contents on Simply Modern Mom. My readers know that what they read on SMM has not been influenced by any sort of payment or free gifts.

I don’t think many bloggers realize that when you receive payment, gifts or free products to review, they are by law supposed to write a disclaimer. Why? Because it is false advertising and it changes your opinion of the product when it was given to you for free.

Simply Modern Mom Mailboxes

Q: What questions do people not ask when they’re starting a website that they should?

A: What is the purpose of my site? What are my talents? What am I passionate about? What are things I am not good at doing? What are things I don’t know how to do and would prefer someone else doing it for me?

Q: What do you consider your talents to be?

A: Writing. Creating. Organizing. Simplifying. Loving my family. Learning. Coming up with ideas. My mind is in a constant state of thirst. Right now I am learning photography and sewing.

Q: Do you get to use your talents through the website?

A: That is one of the best things about having my own site. I get to do what I love. My college degree was in journalism. Now I am able to use what I learned in college on my site. I am my own photographer, editor, writer and secretary. It’s both good and bad.

Q: What is the best part about owning a website and being a mom?

A: Creating a community where I am helping moms. People can learn from my experiences. I am able to control all the contents on my site. And I get to work from home, set my own hours.

Q: Do you consider yourself an expert in this field?

A: I think my husband and I combined could probably equal one expert. But even experts have more to learn. Especially in this industry where the standards and rules are changing daily. It’s safe to say I know more about blogging, the internet and business than probably the average mom. Thanks to my in-house tech and business advisor, my husband.

Q: What role does your husband play? And how important is that to your success?

A: Nathan has been my No. 1 fan since the idea stage of Simply Modern Mom. He talks about the site just as much as I do. He tells all his friends about it. He has encouraged, supported and cheered me on every step of the way.

More than being the No. 1 fan, the site wouldn’t exist without Nathan. He has strengths where I have weaknesses. He is a tech and business genius as well as an Internet guru. Whatever I need or want on the site, I send him an email and it is done. It has been such a positive experience working together on SMM.

Q: What advice would you give to women who are thinking of starting their own website?

A: Marry a tech genius like I did. If only, huh? Find blogs, sites or businesses you admire. Talk to them about what their experiences were like starting out. Ask them for tips and advice. Learn from them. What worked? What didn’t?

Q: Is there anything else you would want people to know that I haven’t asked?

A: Don’t think of other bloggers as your competition. Think of them as your friends. Help each other, support each other. You will be more successful working with other people than going against them.

Interview by Sarah

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