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Moms and the Honeybee


Moms are like the honeybee. Um what? Allow me to explain. We all know that moms have the most important job out there.  When kids act up, people don’t say, “Where is that child’s father?” or “Where is your nanny?” No, they say, “Where is your mother?” What does every psychiatrist in the movies, jokes or TV say first: “Tell me about your mother.” Moms raise people. Human beings that grow up and have the ability to contribute to society, or become a menace to it.  All of that is up to us (no pressure or anything). Which brings me back to the honeybee.

While just doing its “job,” gathering pollen to bring back to the hive for honey production, the honeybee performs one of the most crucial jobs on our planet. The honeybee, as a side effect or doing its “job,” cross-pollinates our plants. This allows the plants to grow, flourish and in many cases, provide a very necessary and major food supply for you and me. See, the honeybee is just doing its job. And by playing its role, by fulfilling its purpose, it naturally provides a very necessary function to everything it touches. In fact, when it doesn’t or can’t do its job, the effects are quite devastating. We all know that the effects of a mom not being able to do her job are quite devastating too.

As we raise our kids, we are doing our “job” as mom. We are loving our children and fulfilling our own purpose at the same time. By doing so, we end up raising future doctors, teachers, presidents, analysts and entrepreneurs. We don’t know how many people our children will affect in their lives, how many people they will help, raise, lead or support. The more we give of ourselves to them, the bigger the effect they will have. The more focused and driven we are as moms, the more we allow our children and others to do the same. Much like the honeybee. The more mojo the honeybee has, the more plants and flowers it helps grow. The honey is a great bonus too. For moms, the more mojo we have, the more our children get to learn from us, the more they flourish in our love and the more people they can touch as they grow.

But like I said, no pressure…

Author: Sarah

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