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Quick Tips For Your Newborn

Newborn Tips

Congratulations on your new baby! What an amazing time in life!

We’re here to share a few of our quick tips and ideas. We aren’t doctors and you should always check with your pediatrician if feel something is wrong with your baby, or your doctor if you’re worried about post-partum depression for yourself. We’re here to support you as much as we can, and we can’t take the place of your doctors.

Here are our tips:

Write down your feeding times and lengths. Keep a notepad and pen next to your feeding chair so it’s always handy. If you’re breastfeeding, keep track of which breast you start with (left or right) and alternate the breast you start with each feeding. So if you start with your left breast at the 12:00 feeding, begin with the right breast at your 3:00 feeding. This will ensure that both breasts get equal use. You’ll find that the side you start with gets more of a workout because your baby is hungrier, and sucks harder, at the beginning of the feeding. Keeping track of your feedings will also help your pediatrician understand what the baby has been doing, in case there are any questions or issues.

In the beginning, change your baby’s diaper half way through the feeding if you’re using a bottle, and in between breasts if you’re breast feeding. This will help your baby stay awake during the entire feeding so he/she eats enough, and then your baby sleep longer too! Nicer break for you.

For the first six weeks of life, try to keep your baby’s “wakeful” periods to less than two hours. After two hours, an infant can become very over-stimulated and then over-tired. It’s harder for a baby to fall asleep when over-tired.

Also during the first six weeks, swaddling will be your best friend. There are many books and online tutorials you can find about how to swaddle your baby. This makes the baby feel safe and snug — and it helps your baby sleep better.

During night time feedings, do not turn on the light in the room (you may want to keep a night light on so you can see your way). It’s also a good idea not to talk to your baby or look him/her in the eye during the night feedings (not easy!). This teaches your infant that when it’s dark, we sleep. This is not the time to play or communicate. This is the time that you provide your baby with what he/she needs, and then the whole family returns to sleep as quickly as possible.

Remember to always put your newborn to sleep on his/her back. Never on the tummy.

You should definitely check out the Amby Baby! This rocking bed turns into a great jumper that you can use when your baby is about six months old. It’s absolutely fabulous and we can’t recommend it enough!

Worried about the flat head that some infants have? Quick tip is to slightly (very slightly) tilt your baby’s head to the side as you lay them down to sleep. Alternate the side you turn the head to, and your baby will keep his/her nice round head. Also, the above mentioned Amby Baby will help with that too!

Remember to keep your cool. No one knows how to do this immediately. Really, we promise. If only these kids came with instructions, right? You are on the same page as every other mom, and you are not alone. Not for one second. If your baby is crying really hard and you can’t calm him/her down, put your baby in a safe place and walk away for 10 seconds and breath. When you come back, remember that while our babies can’t talk to us, they’re doing the best they can.

It’s OK to cry with them too! Just hold them tight and let them know you’re there. The first six weeks of life is when your baby learns if he can trust the world or not. Show him/her that you’re there, even when you’re not exactly sure what what your baby needs.

If you have a specific question, please e-mail us and ask! Chances are, you are not the only one with that question.

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