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SAFEty Pins of Love

Here’s what I know:

We’re in the middle of a massive call for love. I will raise my hand first and say that I didn’t always listen. I haven’t sought to understand before being understood. I promise to stop that now, and start to get curious and give up convincing. I’m committed to doing my part to help us heal, help us become more united and help us learn from this experience so we can truly become our United States again.

And part of that healing is understanding that many of our fellow citizens are scared. My daughter came home from school scared because a friend told her that all of the kids with “brown skin” are now going to have to go “bye-bye”.

This is not in any way to shame anyone who voted one way or another. Not even for a second. This post is to talk about how much we are a kind, loving and caring nation. There is a fear pulsing through the veins of our beautiful country, and I would like to do what I can to help honor that fear and comfort those who are experiencing it.

After Brexit, people would wear safety pins to let immigrants and minorities know that they were safe with them. Without saying a word, people knew they were safe. It’s beautiful. The second I heard that I couldn’t wait to tell my daughter. “Look for those wearing safety pins. You’re safe with them.” Instant comfort. And as we see each other wearing pins, we can stop with the accusations, the hurt, the anger and recognize the goodness in each other. There will be more work to do to heal, and we’ll do that. But for now, this is a great first step.

So with that, I would like to offer these gold safety pins. They’re gold so we remember the Golden Rule. But their symbolism to our frightened fellow citizens is, “I’m safe. I’m a source of love. I’ve got you.”

The money raised by the pins purchased on this site will go directly into communities who are experiencing vandalism, so the vandalism can be removed, windows can be repaired and churches can open their doors again. Every single penny.

So feel free to order your pin and we’ll get this movement of love and “safe”ty going!

With all my love,

One comment

  1. Liliana Ortiz

    LOVE what you are doing. I hear you and I’m with you all the way. I admire your love for the country and I hope it comes back to being the great nation it is.

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