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I know what you’re thinking! You have so much to do, and you love my daily planner, but holy cannoli! How’s a woman to stay on track?

I’m so glad you asked! I was asked many times if I could offer a daily e-mail, and now I have! Yep, that’s right. Every morning I sit at my desk and I write directly to you. These are not pre-scheduled, pre-planned e-mails. They come right from my heart and mind, to yours, every weekday morning.

You can sign up for them, right here!

Stay on track. Stay inspired. Have fun!

I am so honored and humbled by what people are saying about these e-mails, here are just a few thoughts:

“If you want a loving boost each morning to help you become more committed to your goals, to help you get more organized and feel better about yourself, then getting Sarah’s morning challenges and encouragement will become a valuable daily ritual. I truly enjoy finding that lovely pink tag line in my inbox early every day, knowing that each small segment is written by her with integrity and genuine concern for others, while the world is still warmly ensconced in their covers.”
– Wendy Cicchetti

“Getting my Better Way emails first thing in the morning is the perfect start to my day. I see it sitting there in my inbox, and I admit, I don’t read it first thing. Nope.

I go fill my mug up with coffee, grab a pen and paper and five minutes of quiet time so I can truly digest the little golden nugget I know this email contains. The topics are always perceptive, thought provoking, and have such a light-hearted, fun tone that it never feels like work, even though it’s the most important work I will do all day. It’s the five minutes I take to focus on making myself a better person. The emails are a daily reminder of who I want to be and what I need to do to get there; whether it’s setting goals, nurturing relationships, or just taking a good hard look at the person in the mirror. Most importantly, getting my morning email sets my intention for the whole day. They are truly a better way to start my day.”
– Jessica Johnson

I hope you’ll join us and give your dreams a chance. Someday starts now.



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