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Starting a Business

The American Dream is anything you make it. What makes it American is your freedom to pursue it.

So many women have incredible ideas and dreams across this country. And the question we hear asked more than any other is “I have this great idea, now what do I do?” We live in a country where we are allowed, even encouraged, to create our own destinies, to start our own companies and to follow our passions. But so few people actually end up doing that.

We here at Better Way Moms don’t think that so few people do this because they are lazy or because they don’t really want to, we think it’s because they don’t know what to do. So we’re here to tell you what we know! We had to go through these steps to create our company, and we want to provide you with all the information you need to create your dream job, company or business.

First of all, there is a mindset to becoming a business owner. It’s a big shift to go from planning success for someone else’s profit — working in a large corporation for example — to planning success for your own enterprise. You suddenly find yourself having brilliant ideas in the middle of the night, or glued to the television any time an entrepreneur is interviewed. The world is all yours, when/if you hire employees you feel responsible for them and you want them to succeed. The attitude of “Well, so-and-so never got back to me so I can’t move forward” will dissolve. You will take charge, you will move mountains and you won’t even allow people to utter the word “failure” about anything in your presence.

Click here to read our list of basic steps that all business owners need to take to get started.

Heaven knows, there are many many books, seminars, classes and conventions on the subject. All of them useful in their own way. We would encourage anyone to take classes, listen to lectures and dive into good books when planning out a business, the strategy and the idea. While we can’t possibly mention all of them, we will list those that we’ve used and liked. This is by no means meant to be a complete list, or the only list. Just an offering of what we’ve used.

Great Books

BizPlan Business Software — Write your business plan quickly and easily

In addition, you’ll find that we’ve interviewed some moms who have started their own businesses too!  Their stories are quite inspiring and they will encourage you to believe that you can do it too!


Author: Sarah
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