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Thanks for Your Order!

Thank you for ordering your 90 Day Notebook! I’m thrilled that you’re taking your first steps toward making your dreams a reality.

Shortly you’ll be receiving your order confirmation from PayPal and we’ll be sending out your notebook very soon!

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Here are some quick tips on how to use your notebook:

As you write out your 90 day goals, remember to dream big, while keeping how you want to feel in mind. Focusing on why you want to achieve these goals will go along way when the “I don’t wanna” rears its head.

As you break your larger goals down into your first month, pick the steps towards your goal that will take the longest. This will ensure that they get done in the 90 days. Always do the hardest thing first, right?

On the weekends when you check in with yourself in your daily practice, make sure your daily tasks include fun, relaxing and rewarding actions. It’s important to stop and look at your life and let go of the “doing”.

As you write out your daily tasks, refer back to the goals you’ve set for the month. Pick only 2 or 3 tasks a day that will move you closer to your achieving your goals. These small, easy to handle tasks will be the key to your success.

These daily tasks are really where the magic is, so schedule it in. Grab that beautiful cup of something warm and delicious, and create your world. When you break your bigger goals down into 2 or 3 steps, you can start to see that anything you want to achieve is truly possible.

At the beginning of months 2 and 3, make sure you refer back to your large goals from your 90 day plan. Your desires and goals may change and grow a little, so be flexible without letting yourself off the hook. Changing goals is very different from giving up on them.

Are you ready? Your notebook is on it’s way to you! Here…we…go…!


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