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Top 10 Reasons You Know You’re Ready To Have A Baby

1. The thought of discussing amniotic fluid at the dinner table doesn’t gross you at all.
2. Your dream jobs include short-order cook, cat herder, or professional nose-wiper.
3. You think personal space is overrated.
4. You’ve often thought that going to the bathroom would be much more fun if you had someone there with you, leaning on your knees, begging for attention.
5. You’ve got this nagging feeling that your house is just a bit too clean.
6. You find yourself singing Old MacDonald and BaaBaa Black Sheep. To yourself. When you’re alone.
7. 10 pm sounds really, really late to you.
8. You feel naked leaving the house with fewer than 3 bags.
9. Getting “dressed up” consists of taking a shower and putting on clean clothes. Or at least clothes that aren’t visibly dirty.
10. You’ve done that whole “sleep” thing and decided it’s just not for you.

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