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Top 10 Signs You Are Ready To Have a Kid

Top 10 Signs You Are Ready to Have  Kid

1.  It’s 1:00pm on a Saturday and you are bored out of your mind.

2.  You stay home on St. Patrick’s day because of “all the drunks out there.”

3.  Sleep is not that important to you.

4.  You’d rather put money in the savings then blow it on a pair of shoes.

5.  You sanitize your hands.

6.  You notice every kid on the street and say to yourself “My kid would never…”

7.  You don’t work at Hooters anymore.

8.  You notice that you’ve been telling the same “funny” story at the parties for a couple of years now.

9.  You say “I did…” more than “I wish I…”

10. Because you just know you are.

Author: Ilona Siller

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