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Top 10 Things My Parents Did Right

top 10 things my parents did right

1.  My mom would make me listen to classical music almost daily and once in a while she would ask, “what do you imagine?”

2.  I was dragged with them everywhere and they never talked to me like a kid.

3.  I was allowed to draw on the walls in my room to make it “my own.”

4.  I was punished more for lying rather than the incident I was lying about.

5.  They let me take public transportation and navigate my way around the city.

6.  They encouraged me to be friends with boys.

7.  When I was about nine years-old, my mom moved my bed to our balcony on the 8th Floor so I could “see the stars” in the summer. I fell asleep for about three months listening to the city and watching the sky.

8.  I was taught to never, never, NEVER interupt an adult conversation.

9.  I had a very specific set of chores all my life.

10. They let me go (if only physically) when I was ready to leave.

Author: Ilona Siller


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