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Wash with Water

One of my greatest joys is discovering moms who have found their own “better way” and sharing their amazing stories with my Better Way Moms.

The founder of Wash with Water is absolutely one of those moms, and I am thrilled to bring you her story. And there she is, pictured on the left.

Let me start by telling you that every single product is packed in virgin HDPE resin bottle, free of BPA, PVC, and Phthalates. The cap is made with virgin polypropylene and is 100% recyclable. In addition (as if that weren’t enough), the products themselves are made in the USA, 100% vegan and cruelty free, and free of Petrochemicals, Phthalates, Sulfates, Parabens, Synthetic Colors, TEA, DEA, Silicons, PEGS, Dairy, Nuts, Gluten, Soy, Egg, Oat, Phenoxythanol, Lactoperoxidase, Citrus Seed Extract, GMOs, Triclosan, Synthetic Dyes.

Turns out, she’s a corporate refugee like yours truly here, and she has done something amazing with her time, energy and passion. And because she’s done such a good job, she was featured in Earnshaw’s Magazine ultimate 2014 Baby Gear Guide (in the Tub Time category), and in The Giggle Guide® the ultimate online destination for information related to today’s children’s marketplace.

Stephanie was with her husband and child in Pennsylvania visiting the Amish country when she realized there was something they were doing right. The kids were involved with the daily work, and families expected their children to pitch in on the workload and offer help wherever it was needed.

After letting this sink in, she decided to talk to her husband about her vision for a more sustainable world, a changed world, by empowering children to make a difference in our world, while protecting the world for their future.

So she started creating organic, beautiful soaps and lotions for children and families.

These are no ordinary soaps and lotions, let me tell you. They are easy on delicate skin, and the environment at the same time. And you will love the results.

In fact, my daughter loves the lotion so much that she was upset when it was gone. (Little did she know how thrilled I was to know that the container is made from sustainable materials!)

When I met Stephanie, she put the Sweetpea & Me Shampoo and Body Foam in my hand and I couldn’t believe how good is smelled and how soft and pure it felt. It didn’t feel sticky, it left zero residue and I immediately wanted to buy some! Sounds funny, but it’s true.

It’s so beautiful to see a woman doing what she loves, while empowering children and families and providing a great product. Talk about a Better Way!

Wait, empowering children, what do you mean?

Well, as a child-centric company, Wash with Water’s crown logo symbolizes empowering children to be an integral part of the choices that impact their world. All the products are produced in the USA, with responsible sourcing, recycling, and community in mind.

Stephanie and her company are committed to a sustainable future and want to inspire everyone to enjoy the goodness of our planet. Their partnerships allow them to stay local and maintain a green footprint, including all of the lovely local children in our community for the inspiring ad campaign – seriously, how beautiful are these photos?

From the thoughtful development of organic products to the eco-conscious packaging, each child has always been and will remain at the center of the company’s decisions. Talk about a Better Way! I feel so honored to have met Stephanie and to bring her story and products to you.

And in honor of the holidays, you can load up your cart at and enter the code “betterway” to receive a 20% discount!

Happy Holidays from Better Way Moms and Wash with Water!

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